Dreams have been a subject of logical, religious, and philosophical interest for long, however its mystery. As per Sigmund Freud, dreams are oblivious cravings and inspirations, which are frequently identified with our stifled recollections (The Interpretation of Dreams). Beneath, we have assembled the absolute most fascinating facts about dreams.

Some Quick Facts about dreams are,

1.We most probably dream in a sleeping phase called Rapid Eye moment(REM). While In REM, our brain activities are highly corresponded to that of wakefulness.

2. According to the Researcher of Standford University, we can only dream someones face, if its seen in waking life. However, our brain is capable of creating new faces, but the features of the face are based on someone in Real World.

3. A person above 10 years age, dreams atleast 3 times at night. According to research a dream can last upto 30 minutes.

4. Animals dreams too, thier dreams are related to thier normal routines.

5. Some people claims that late night eating habbit can trigger Nightmares, but its not scietifically proved.

6. Womens are likely to get scared in dreams compared to men.

7. While dreaming our body is completly paralysized, to prevent physical movement.

8.  88% people in the world dreams are coloured, while 12% of people dreams black and white.

9. Womens release vaginal secreation and arousel and orgasm, while having sexual dreams.

10. Only 5%-1% of dreams can be remember, rest of all are forgetful.