Why does it Looks Blue when viewed from the Ground and black when seen from sky?

Why do Humans Know more about Mars than Ocean?

Welcome to INTERESTING FACTS DAILY, In this Article We clear All your doubts about Space. So let us start from 20 facts about Space which you are probably Unaware about.

Do you guys know that there 125 Billion galaxies Similarly to our.

So ,lets Start with 20 fact about Space-


1. In 1977, NASA launched a space craft to go deep into space. This spacecraft is named as Voyager 1, which entered into interstellar space in 2012. While it‘s at the distance of 22,000,000,000 km from Earth. And Continuously sending pictures of Universe to NASA.
2. The Wind speed on Neptune Reaches t0 1600 MPH, comparatively it is 3 Time Faster than an Aeroplane.

3. The temperature at the South pole of the Moon Reaches Approx -397 degree Fahrenheit. Which make moon the coldest area in the Entire Solar System.

4. The Density of Saturn is less than water. In simple words, if we throw Saturn In a Gaint Pool it will float. Isn’t Amazing Fact About Space.

5. A moon of Jupiter Europa is entirely Covered by Ice and beside the Thick layer of ice it has water.

6. The Rings of Saturn Was Formed because One of Its Moon got blast. But the Rocks are still revolving around it Forming a Ring.

7. Saturn has a Never Ending Storm, which has 6 Distinct Sides.

8. Mercury and Venus are the Only planet in the Solar System which don’t have their Own Moon.

9.Jupiter has 79 Moons, while the largest of it is known as Ganymede and its bigger than Mercury.

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10. Footprint on Moon can’t disappear because there is no Wind in the Bottom of the Surface.

11. There Might be possibility of a White Hole to reverse of black Hole. Where nothing can Enter it except light and Matter.

12. Triton the Moon of Neptune is the Only Moon which Revolves backward. And Nobody known the Reason.

13. All the object including Planets, galaxies and Interstellar dust just comprise 4% of the Universe. Unclearly the rest of the Universe comprise Dark space and Dark Energies.

14. TrEs-2b is planet where Night never Ends. But the Night isn’t as Regular night on Earth. Here it’s pitch Dark. This planet is actually a gas giant, which is roughly 1.5X times Bigger than Jupiter. It absorb light better than charcoal.

15. 55 Cancri E  is a planet, which so close to its Sun that half of the Planet Surface is the Ocean of Molten Lava. And the half is completely surrounded by darkness, because hasn’t seen the Sun.

16. There are  6 Mars Exploaration on or around the red planet at the Moment.Is the Mars surrounded by Robots?


17. All the Planets in the Solar System can Fit in space between the Earth and Moon with some distance.

18. On Earth people are used to a beautiful sunset which is painted in Orange,Red and Yellow. But on Mars the Normal Pinkish Red sky turn blue as the sunset. It’s because Mars is much farther from the sun comparatively to Earth.


19. In 2011, Astronauts found an Enormous Water Reservoir which is simply Floating in space around a Super Massive Black hole called Quasar. Although this Reservoir holds around 140 Trillion times the Amount of water on Earths Ocean. But it is 12 Billion light years away from Earth.

20. 1 Moon day is Equal to 29 Days on Earth, it takes that long for the Sun to Cross the Lunar Sky.