What happens if you charge the phone all night? 

Why can't you  give Shower to both the kids you have at a time?

More people buy iPhone than babies are not born in 1 day and where does Camel stores water in its body?

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#1.Womens Only uses Umbrella-

Do you know that in olden days Umbrella was used only by women,and not by mens, but in today's time everyone uses it.

#2. No Parking, No car 


If you want to live in Japan, then this thing has to be followed, that means if you want to buy a car in Japan, then first you have to tell that you have a place to park the car nearby. If you don't , you can't buy a car in Japan.

#3. More iphone sold than Number of Babies born.


Every 1 minute in the world, more than two hundred and fifty children are born, but the surprising thing is that more iPhones are sold in 1 day than the number of babies born. 

#4. Saturn Ring Ride-

You guys might be aware of Saturn, which is surrounded by Rings.

But do you know that, If you drive on the ring with the average speed of 75 MPH , it will take 258 Days to complete 1 Round.

#5. How much Anger Effects Our Health?

Getting angry is very bad for your health, but do you know how bad it is for your health?

It can be gauged from the fact that, if you get angry for just 1 minute, then your immune system gets 4 to 5 percent can weaken for hours.

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#6. Last Wish Before Death

Most of the people are asked their last wish before they die, similarly a man named Standley was asked about his last wish, he told that, when he die, he should be buried with his Harley Davidson in the big class chamber. So that People can see the last ride of the rider.

You can see the above image.

#7. Instagram's Filter Boy-

Today Instagram is used by many people in the world because of its unique features like filters. But you won't believe that a 24 year old boy named Levi Jed Murphy spent $41000 just to look like an Instagram filter. Share with your friends, who uses filters.

#8. Most Unique Breed Horse-

Grey Percheron Horses are one of the Most Unique horse breeds in the World. 

The color of the horse is naturally converted from black to white. And this colour changing speciality makes this horse unique.

#9. 2 People Cant bath Simultaneously in Los Angeles-


There is also such a place in the world where 2 people cannot simultaneously have bath in  the same bath tub. 

Yes, in Los Angeles, 2 people cannot bath  together and take take shower in a bath tub simultaneously. The government has imposed the law to solve the health-related issue. And that's a lot of unique laws you can find in Los Angeles.

#10. Carbon Free City in Future-


A amazing city is going to be built, where there will be no road and no car. 

You won't believe that a city named NEOM is going to be built in Saudi Arabia, where there will not be no roads and cars, this project will be completed by the government of Saudi Arabia by 2030. 

Many of you must have come with a question,  that what is the reason for making such a city?

Let me tell you that, this city has been designed in such a way that carbon emission can be reduced, there is minimum damage to the rest of the environment and not only this, all the work of this city  will be done though solar energy and no use of Petrol or diesel.

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#11. The Library Hotel-

There is hotel in Japan, which is known as Library hotel, because it's completely like a library as you can sleep in Giant Book shelf. This hotel is listed in one of the Most Amazing hotels in the World. And loved by Book lovers.

#12. Camel Don't Store water in Hump-


Camel, which can live for 6 months without food and water, you all must know this, but do you know where does camel stores plenty of  water, many of us think that, water is stored in hump.

But No, you are Wrong, because camel stores Fat in his hump, which is used to complete his Food requirements. 

So, where do camels Store water?

Camels Store water in their blood stream and amazingly they can drink 70 Litres of water at a time. Isn't it Amazing?

#12. What if we charged our phone all night?


This question must have come in the mind of many of you at one time or another.

So today I will tell you the exact reason behind it. You must have heard many of your people saying that charging all the Nigh can effect battery health and doing so again and again can damage  battery or it might blast. 

And this theory is somewhat right, means it is true for old keypad phones. Means, the latest smartphones know to keep their safety because, nowadays smartphones have a battery made of Lithium Iron which gets auto cut off on 100% charge. 

So, you don't have to worry about over charge in this latest time.

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