A clear image of Venus

Hello Earthlings, Hope you're having a bright yellow mellow sunny day cause if not then you're probably on venus as the sunset over there is blue! Yes you read that right. Let's see 10 more such facts about Venus.

1. Venus is the brightest planet of our solar system. Almost 70% of sunlight is reflected making is the second brightest planet in the nighttime sky.

2. It has a dense atmosphere which traps the heat recieved from Sun.

Facts about Space

3. Venus has the Highest volcano of 8kms called maat mons.

Surface of Venus

4. Furthermore, The atmospheric pressure on venus is strong enough to crush a human. It is 90 times the pressure present on Earth. Can you believe that?! Neither did we but it's the fact. Scary right.

5. Venus has almost 96% carbon dioxide along with nitrogen and oxygen making it impossible for humans to live there.

6. It is the only planet named after a female goddess. Venus got its name from Roman  Goddess of love and beauty.

7. Rotation of Venus is clockwise unlike other planets which rotate anticlockwise.

8. It is often regarded as Earth's Twin, due to similar size and mass.

9. Venus is visible to naked eye in morning and evening time sky.

10. Venus lacks magnetic field.

These were some of the facts of Venus, if you want more such facts about other planets then do comment in the comment section below which is your favourite planet and we will surely post an article on it.