Hello folks! Today we are going to read some super cool facts about cats. These animals are found almost everywhere. 

1) Cats cannot taste sweet flavour.

It is believed that cats are the only animals that don't taste sweetness.

2) Cats jump higher than their height.

 Cats have the ability to jump 5x their height. Their hind legs are strong enough to make a high jump 

3) House cats have 95% genes of tiger.

Most house cats share their 95% genes with tiger. These Felis Catus are independent animals.

4) Cats sleep more than half their life span.

Cats sleep 70% of their lifetime , on an average they sleep for 13-16 hrs a day.

5) Cats are the cleanliest Animals.

Cats are known for their hygiene. They spend 40% of their time grooming themselves.

6) Cats have less teeth than kittens.

Kittens have 26 teeths while an adult cat has 30 teeths.

7) Cats have more bones than humans.

There are around 244 bones in cats which are more than humans as humans have 206 bones in their body.

8) Cats have excellent senses.

Cats have powerful hearing and smelling sense

9) Cats have excellent night vision.

Cats have strong night vision which makes it easier for them to walk through darkness without colliding.

10) Purring doesn't always mean they are happy.

Purring is usually associated with happiness, However sometimes it means they are hurt, in pain or while delivering babies.